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I am currently a photographer, freelance astronomer and serve on a number of non-profit boards that support my values of environmental conservation, community stewardship and childhood education (Garden To Table Program, Boulder Open Space Conservancy, Open Boulder and the Idaho Conservation League).


My family loves nature and being outdoors, but I think that’s true of every Boulderite. We seem to be outside all the time, hiking, backpacking, camping and skiing. We also love to travel and explore new places and cultures. Through my love of nature, I am driven to provide people of all ages with experiences that inspire a sense of stewardship for their local environments and the planet as a whole. My interests include, gardening, reading, all things science and studying national/international politics. My wide range of interests led me to adopt the phrase that I could talk with you about anything "from black holes to pot holes."

I enjoy learning about what those around me want for our community and as your City Council Candidate, I will take these ideas and fight to make them a reality.

Want to get to know me more? I’d love to meet you for coffee.

"From Black Holes to Pot Holes"

I have lived in Boulder for over 20 years and live in South Boulder with my wife, Jessica, and my two kids Mason (6) & Avalynn (3). I started my time in Boulder studying Astronomy and Astrophysics at University of Colorado, and later spent the nearly a decade working for CU as an Astronomer and the Education Programs Manager for Fiske Planetarium. While at Fiske, I collaborated on several NASA research grants and educational programs with our local federal labs and aerospace companies.

After leaving the University I helped lead a group that created the nations first and only Dark Sky Reserve in Central Idaho.


In 2017 I ran for Boulder City Council and remained heavily committed to local politics and advocacy. I've served on a few community working groups and been a regular advocate for flood mitigation, affordable housing and a more inclusive and equitable government. In 2019 I led the Coalition that supported progressive Boulder City council candidates. Then in 2020, I led the Our Mayor-Our Choice ballot measure that with nearly 80% of Boulder voters support, now allows Boulder residents to elect our mayor using Ranked Choice Voting.  

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