I know tons of people who have said recently they want to make a difference in the political arena, but aren't sure where to start. The best way to focus your desire for change and make the most direct impact on your community is to get involved with local issues and elections. Boulder is a fantastic community of movers and shakers and when we work together we always achieve more success. We can't do this campaign alone and would love any help you can give. There are four ways to help: endorse me, post a yard sign in your front yard, donate to my campaign, or volunteer with us. 


When voting day comes people will vote for someone they trust, or someone people they know trust and support. If you would like to publicly endorse me please click below to have your name added to our
list of supporters. 



If you live or work in a place that Boulder voters frequently pass and you would be willing to post a yard sign please click below to send us your request. We will drop it off as soon as possible.



Have a few hours to help us out? Volunteer with us to hand out/post fliers, go to networking events, host a lunch & learn or knock on your neighborhood doors. Click below to get in contact with our Street Team to coordinate how to get involved.