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If you would like to formally endorse Matt Benjamin for Boulder City Council, click here.
Endorsements from Groups and Organizations
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Boulder Coalition
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Endorsements from Current & Former Elected Officials
Suzy Ageton - Former Boulder City Council

Laurie Albright, Former President, BVSD Board of Education

Rep. Judy Amabile - CO House of Representatives Dist. 13

Matt Applebaum - Former Boulder Mayor

KC Becker - Former Speaker CO House of Representatives

Aaron Brockett - Boulder City Council

Jan Burton - Former Boulder City Council

Macon Cowles - Former Boulder City Council

Leslie Durgin - Former Boulder Mayor

Rachel Friend - Boulder City Council

Junie Joseph - Boulder City Council

George Karakehian - Former Boulder City Council

Tina Marquis,
 President, BVSD Board of Education

Françoise Poinsatte - Former Boulder City Council

Callie Rennison - University of Colorado Regent

Lesley Smith - University of Colorado Regent

Adam Swetlik - Boulder City Council

Will Toor - Former Boulder Mayor and Former Boulder County Commissioner

Bob Yates - Boulder City Council

"Matt has deep experience with local political issues. He's worked on numerous campaigns, served on the city's campaign finance and election reform working group, and led the effort to adopt ranked choice voting for the election of Boulder's mayor. His scientific background, data-driven and empathetic approach will serve Boulder extremely well on our city council, so please join me in supporting his campaign!"

 - Aaron Brockett, Boulder City Council

"Given his experience and deep knowledge of Boulder’s issues, Matt stands out in his readiness to hit the ground running as an effective new City Councilor! His empathetic, scientific lens will be a welcome addition to Council."

 - Rachel Friend, Boulder City Council

Notable Community Members
David Adamson

Jessica Benjamin

Ryan Bradley

Charles Brock
- Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Buzz Burrell

Ed Byrne

Richard Donnelly

David Ensign
- Chair of Planning Board

Eli Feldman

Richard Foy

Alli Fronzaglia - Former Vice Chair Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Lorena Garcia

Howard Geller

Betsy Hand

James Harrington

Tom Issacson - Former Open Space Board of Trustees

Kathie Joyner

Steve LeBlang

Betsey Martens - Former Executive Director Boulder Housing Partners

Mark McIntyre - Transportation Advisory Board Member

Jill McIntyre

Bob Morehouse

Gala Orba

Bill Rigler - Former Chair of Transportation Advisory Board

Alan Rogers

Steven Sparn

Zofia Stanley

Joni Teter

Nick Thomas

Tom Volckhausen

Harmon Zuckerman - Former Chair of Planning Board

"Matt Benjamin understands the concerns of cyclists better than any other City Council candidate this year. From increasing funds for safety and enforcement to cracking down on bike theft, Matt is the right person for the job."

 - Bill Rigler, Former Chair of Transportation Advisory Board

"I am endorsing Matt Benjamin for City Council in 2021. Matt has been a consistent advocate for effective policies on a range of issues, from housing to transportation to climate to homelessness.

As a scientist who studies air quality and climate, as an advocate for low-carbon transportation (walking, biking, and transit), and as someone who has seen the inner workings of city government as a

member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, I support Matt's thoughtful, fact-based approach to governing. Please join me in supporting Matt in 2021!"

 - Charles Brock, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

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