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How I'm Voting

Throughout this campaign, I have been asked by people who I support and where I stand on the issues. This is one of the most critical elections for Boulder's future work in climate action, affordable housing, and transportation. 

Progressivism is inherently about moving forward, and the basis of my campaign, and of those I support, is societal evolution. Boulder has been fighting itself for a very long time; the groups that have been in positions of power have continued to dig their heels in, hoping to maintain (or go back) to a Boulder of many years past. My positions on issues and the candidates I endorse will surely move us forward. Here's how I'm voting, and I'll give you my detailed answers on the hosttest topics we've been talking about this season.


When I think about who I'm endorsing for Council, I think about the roles they will play and making sure they represent the larger needs of the community. Productive councils, boards and working groups are always a diverse mix of people, thoughts and backgrounds. Lauren, Nicole and Dan are committed to doing more than just lip service for the challenges our community faces. They will take clear action to increase housing diversity in our community, so more people can live, work and play in Boulder. They are committed to doing all that they can to increase transportation sustainability and safety. They know that our climate crisis demands that we evaluate all of the issues in our community through a lens of 

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climate action. They believe that building a climate resilient community is the only way to protect this town and our people for generations to come. I align with Lauren, Nicole and Dan because we share these values, we will collaborate to find common ground and we collectively know the status quo must go in order to build a future in Boulder for people to prosper and thrive. 

SChool District Offices

Boulder Valley School District RE-2 Director District B

Nicole Rajpal

Boulder Valley School District RE-2 Director District E

Beth Niznik

Boulder Valley School District RE-2 Director District F

Kitty Sargent

State Ballot MEASURES

Amendement 78 - NO
Proposition 119 - NO
Proposition 120 - NO


2I/2J - YES

This ballot measure continues the Community, Culture & Safety Sales Tax, which is set to expire this December. Current City Council has added "resilience" to the title, making it the Community, Culture, Resilience & Safety Sales Tax. During public comments on the budget hearing for this, I voiced my disappointment that the arts and the “culture” portion of the tax have been reduced from 20% to 10% in this proposed extension. I support more funding for arts and culture programs in Boulder. 

2K - YES
2L - YES
2M - YES
300 - YES

This measure is relaxing the occupancy laws in Boulder. Currently it is illegal for more than 3 unrelated people to live together. This measure would make the occupancy to be the number of bedrooms plus 1. If you have a four bedroom home, you could have five people living in it. Boulder is in the midst of a housing crisis and we need to utilize all the tools available to maximize affordability and access to housing. Bedrooms are For People is an important measure for our city because it addresses the exclusionary occupancy laws. When I was helping to collect signatures for Bedrooms in 2020, I was surprised to see the wide variety of residents that would be positively impacted by this simple change in our laws. Bedrooms are For People has been endorsed by many of our important and respected organizations in our city, perhaps one of the most widely supported ballot measures in recent time. 

Yard Sign_FiNAL.webp
301 - NO

This measure asks if the City of Boulder should prohibit the sale and manufacture for sale of certain fur products? Personally, I am not a user or approve of the use or manufacture of fur for sale, so I support the concept. However this measure is poorly written and (perhaps unintentionally) would impact Alpaca and Sheep farmers who sell the wool shearlings from their animals. If passed, this measure would need council's work to clean up this language to limit its impacts, and I believe Council has more important issues to tackle on its agenda

302 - NO

The negotiation for CU South was a long and difficult process with thousands of hours of community input, negotiations and scientific studies. City Council and the University of Colorado reached an agreement that works for both sides. This is certainly the best outcome the citizens of Boulder can get with the development of this property. As a state entity, CU has the authority to do with it whatever they please. By choosing to be a partner to the City of Boulder, the agreed to a plethora of limitations and restrictions as to how and what they can build on

Protect Our Neighbors Yard Sign (1).png

the property. Of great benefit to Boulder, is that we will receive 119 acres of Open Space and the water rights to restore and maintain the wetland ecosystems on that property. CU has committed to building affordable housing and a transportation hub to limit the traffic implications. Most importantly, the development plan includes a 100-year flood mitigation plan that will protect 2,300 residents from our next catastrophic flood. The annexation agreement truly encompasses many of Boulder's values and works to accomplish many of our goals. 

This measure, works to undue all of that. Ballot Measure 302 seeks to permanently delay development at CU South and will terminate flood protections for 2,300 along South Boulder Creek. I am voting against this measure because the primary duty of City Council is to protect the lives of the residents and the annexation at CU south does just that. 

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