The below people and organizations listed below have endorsed Matt Benjamin for Boulder City Council.  
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Organizational Endorsements

Individual Endorsements

Tim Abrams

Jonathan Allured

Carol Babb

Cynthia Benjamin

Jessica Benjamin

Jeff Bennett

Connor Bunting

John Caraluzzi

Rachel Caraluzzi

Lindsay Claxton

Emily Cobabe-Ammann

Warren DeHaan

Vici DeHaan

Matt Dirks

Alec Essig-Peppard

Eli Feldman

Ben Fleisher

Elaine French

John French

Andrea Fryrear

Geoff Given

Fred Hernandez

Bonnie Hofto

Jennifer Judson

Nicole Lathrop

Jason Legg

Kathy Lisi

Mark Lisi

Peter Lisi

Having worked with Matt
for many years when he was at Fiske Planetarium, I know that he will always think carefully about any issue that arises, and will always show outstanding judgment in reaching his conclusions. Like a true scientist, he is also always open to hearing other views and to changing his views when evidence warrants. He will be an excellent addition to the City Council.

 - Jeff Bennett, Founder Big Kid Science

"On Nov. 7 I will vote for Matt Benjamin for Boulder City Council and I urge you to as well. Matt represents the best of Boulder and the future of our community.

One of his primary objectives is to address the polarization within our communities and political process. Matt feels that change can start at the local level — right here, right now. I agree."

 - Fred Hernandez, Owner Access Marketing & Events

Tom Lisi

Vicky Lisi

Michael Lisi Fine Art

John Lynch

Rebecca Moravec

Russell Overy

Dan Partain

Nancy Peppard

Sue Pierson

Dan Powers

Richard Presnell

Jan Radnoti

John Rapf

Marni Rapf

Chuck Ray

Margaret Ruttbenber

Karen Sandburg

Tina Scala

Ann Schoenfeld

John Schoenfeld

Victoria Schoenfeld

Steph Short Marketing

Tom Spier

Nick Thomas

David Turner

Hannah Turner

Jared Turner

Margaret Turner

Mary Vautin

Max Watkins

Jeffrey Whiting

Abagail Young

Vote for Matt Benjamin
for Boulder City Council
because new eyes on
old problems is an asset!

- Dan Powers, Executive Director CO-LABS