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I am running for Boulder City Council because we need thoughtful leadership that will focus on providing opportunities for more people to live, work and play in this fantastic city. I am running so that our children have a chance to grow up in a welcoming and vibrant community.  I’ve seen Boulder change in both good ways and bad in my 20+ years here. As I started my family I realized that most of my generation was priced out of living in Boulder. The youth and vibrancy that has defined Boulder for decades is evaporating. We are witnessing the decline of the young working family. We are also confronting a pivotal shift in the identity of Boulder, and trying to define what Boulder was, is and will be. We have made it a habit to set policy based on what we feel is good instead of what the data and goals point to as right. We have lessened our value of science and its impact on our country. As a scientist, this is unacceptable, and I know that lasting change starts at the local level. Being a steward of your community and the surrounding environment, leaving both better than you found it, is a lesson I learned early in life. As a father, husband, and passionate neighbor, I choose to serve my community. It’s time for our generation to lead the change we envision for the world, our country and our beautiful city of Boulder. I will do this, by investing our values and putting our Future First. 

Why I am Running...

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